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A New Low

I had to ask a
stranger to help me get a
thing down off a shelf
while in the supermarket:
slightly humiliating.


I Promise, I’m Not Looking at Your Boobs

If you are wearing
a t-shirt that has writing
on it, I will stare
at your chest until I’ve worked
out exactly what it says.


That awkward moment
when your stress ball is rolling
around the table,
performing the exactly the
opposite of its function.

Anything Can Be A Bookmark

Having surveyed the
available resources,
I elect to use
a playing card. The seven
of spades, to be specific.

The Longest Day

My everything aches:
Legs, feet, back, neck, head, even
my fingernails.
My fingernails hurt. How
does that even fucking work?

CWS Advent Calendar Prompt: Frozen

Bring me a blanket
and a hot cup of cocoa.
Find me an armchair
by a roaring fire, and
wrap me up all nice and warm.

CWS Advent Calendar Prompt: Advent Calendars

Creative Writing Society are doing an advent calendar of writing prompts! I’ll try and do each one every day.

Don’t eat your advent
calendar: why have a bit
of chocolate each
day, when you can save it all
for breakfast on Christmas Day?

Prelude to Leaving the House: Part 2

Where are my keys? Oh,
they’re underneath the essay
plan I wrote on the
back of a napkin. What do
you mean, my life is a mess?

I Need A Hero

Show me a hero,
I’ll tell you a tragedy:
for the fire of
goodness is stoked only with
the rod of hardship and pain.

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