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Anything Can Be A Bookmark

Having surveyed the
available resources,
I elect to use
a playing card. The seven
of spades, to be specific.


The Longest Day

My everything aches:
Legs, feet, back, neck, head, even
my fingernails.
My fingernails hurt. How
does that even fucking work?

CWS Advent Calendar Prompt: Frozen

Bring me a blanket
and a hot cup of cocoa.
Find me an armchair
by a roaring fire, and
wrap me up all nice and warm.

CWS Advent Calendar Prompt: Advent Calendars

Creative Writing Society are doing an advent calendar of writing prompts! I’ll try and do each one every day.

Don’t eat your advent
calendar: why have a bit
of chocolate each
day, when you can save it all
for breakfast on Christmas Day?

Prelude to Leaving the House: Part 2

Where are my keys? Oh,
they’re underneath the essay
plan I wrote on the
back of a napkin. What do
you mean, my life is a mess?

I Need A Hero

Show me a hero,
I’ll tell you a tragedy:
for the fire of
goodness is stoked only with
the rod of hardship and pain.

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