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Party of One

Tell me, would it be thy plan
to come tonight by thine own hand?
There is no shame in going stag;
you might end up having a better shag.



That awkward moment
when your stress ball is rolling
around the table,
performing the exactly the
opposite of its function.


Stop working at three
to spend the rest of the day
writing some haikus

Introductory Observation

It’s becoming a cliché
to say that it’s a cliché
that someone needs no introduction.

Impressive, But For All the Wrong Reasons

I kicked myself with
my own shoe and I wasn’t
even wearing it.

Je Suis Un Short-Arse

I want a dog I
can ride into battle. Like
a pug, or something

A Mouse, a Phone, and a Flash Drive

Had laptop four years.
Just found third USB port.
I am a big dumb.

The Colour of Her Hair

Summer left, without
my permission. And I did
not even notice.

She Caught Her By the Mouth

Sometimes, when you change the pronouns in
a song, you forget that they’re not the
original pronouns in the song.

How Old Am I?

I dropped my reading
glasses cause I was
trying to sit down
with my walking stick.

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