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Stop working at three
to spend the rest of the day
writing some haikus


Impressive, But For All the Wrong Reasons

I kicked myself with
my own shoe and I wasn’t
even wearing it.

Je Suis Un Short-Arse

I want a dog I
can ride into battle. Like
a pug, or something

A Mouse, a Phone, and a Flash Drive

Had laptop four years.
Just found third USB port.
I am a big dumb.

The Colour of Her Hair

Summer left, without
my permission. And I did
not even notice.


Where’s my Blu-Tac? I
mean, it’s really White-Tac, but
you know what I mean.

That Awkward Moment When You’re Trying to Read Someone Else’s Book on the Tube

This is hard, I’m not

wearing my glasses. *squints*. Oh.

It’s not in English.

An Observation from a Car Park Wall

The sky is grey and
The rain is drizzling warm:
Goldilocks weather.

Where’s the End?

I shouldn’t have this
kind of trouble with loo roll.
It’s not Sellotape.

Pesky Bodily Functions

Am I gonna sneeze?
I think that I’m gonna sneeze.
Nope, it was a yawn.

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