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An Unpopular Opinion or I’ll Fight You On This

“A Diet Coke, please.”
“Is Pepsi Max okay?” “Yes.
Because it’s better.”


This Haiku May Or May Not Have Been Written By Alex Vause

The only thing more
dangerous than straight girls is
fictional straight girls.

Think About It

Want to see the height
of capitalism? Try
a greetings card shop.

Guess What I Saw At the Weekend?

Will I ever get
the jukebox in my head to
stop playing Meatloaf?


I’m all for wearing
things that aren’t jeans when it’s hot,
but, oh! the wedgies!

Where Are the Tissues?

Is this hay fever?
Am I allergic to the
cats? Or maybe both?

I’m Asking For a Friend

I’ve got a question:
why does banging your elbow
hurt so fucking much?

It’s The End of the World As We Know It

There are more things in
heaven than are dreamt in your

How Long Ago Was 1996? or This Haiku Might Make You Feel Old

forgot how old I am. I
am twenty-two, right?

Choices With Consequences

Go under your own
steam or take the help? You’ll reach
the top either way.

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