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(All My Hopes and Dreams Are) Written on the Back of a Beer Mat

I can already see it, faded and worn, in a scrapbook, on a notice board, on a wall somewhere far from here in time and space and whenever he looks at it he gets a little bit happy and a little bit sad, but what’s the point of looking back? You’re still alive. This sentimental bric-a-brac is proof you’ve lived, but you’ve still got living to do. What’s the point of looking back?


The World’s Greatest Knock-Knock Joke

What do you do when your ankle cracks?

Call it an arsehole.

10 word story

I’ve got a zit on my tit: a tit zit.

The Kettle is Unplugged

Whosoever deprives me of the method of making tea shall suffer my eternal wrath.

Six Word Story #38

“Physics doesn’t care about your problems!”

Six Word Story #37

“I’ve been a fool. Forgive me.”

Six Word Story #36

“Because I’m in love with you.”

The Introvert’s Hide-and-Seek

Fuck off, fuck off, whoever you are!

Six Word Story #35

The downs are infrequent but intense.

CWS Exercise: Maximalism

The task: To write the longest sentence you can in 1 minute.

I don’t quite understand how an old, curmudgeonly fart such as that little, weedy firefighter in his little, pathetic helmet and his ugly grey overcoat could possibly think that he would have a single chance in hell with my wonderful daughter.

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