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An announcement

As of late, my posts on this blog have become rather… erratic. I can only apologise for that. There are many reasons varying from a busy personal life to poor mental health, but rest assured I am not considering giving up on this blog for one instance. To prove this, I am putting together this post to update you on my current writing status.

I am completely obsessed, fanfiction-wise, with Final Fantasy XV. I am mainly writing short stories for this fandom which are being posted simultaneously on my and AO3 accounts (links are in the sidebar).

If any of you are familiar with my side-blog, Now My Wings Fit Fighting Fantasy, I am currently in the planning stages of a fanfiction Choose Your Own Adventure tale set in the Elder Scrolls universe. While I do not yet have a name for this tale, I can confirm that it will be set c.4E70 in Bruma, and the plot will revolve around the Vigilants of Stendarr.

Finally, I shall be starting a roleplay playthrough of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I have installed two mods for the purpose of this playthrough: a player’s diary mod, and an alternate start mod. I shall be documenting this playthrough on this blog, beginning with a detailed description of my character and her backstory.

I will see you all soon, hopefully with the backstory of my roleplay character.


Now the World is Ending

They stayed till the time

came for the sun to rise. But,

of course, it did not.

Noct That Day

There will come a day
when I stop making Noctis
puns. But today is

Price (Part 2)

Part 2! A warning, though, that this may be NSFW.

Prompto’s breath hitched. Ignis’ hand slipped under his shirt, his fingertips gently moving over the skin of his stomach. Prompto’s hands were on Ignis’ shoulders, his legs either side of his hips and hanging off the other end of the tree stump upon which Ignis was sitting.

That little gasp was the only sound other than that of the flickering fire a few feet away.

As Ignis’ hand traveled upwards, Prompto began to tremble from head to toe.


“Do you want me to stop?”

Prompto shook his head, not trusting his voice.

Ignis gave a small nod. He leaned up, brushing his lips against Prompto’s in the briefest of touches.

Prompto pulled back.

“S-sorry,” he gasped. Ignis’ hand stilled, and his eyes filled with concern. “I’m just… not used to this.” He was still shaking.

“It’s okay,” Ignis murmured, his deep voice reverberating through the tiny space between them. “We can stop.”

Prompto gulped. “I don’t want to, though.”

Ignis pulled his hand out from under Prompto’s shirt and put it on his hip, over his jeans.

“What do you want?”

Prompto bit his lip.

“I want to kiss you and feel safe.”

Ignis’ brow raised. “You don’t feel safe?”

Prompto’s eyes stung. “I keep feeling… those teeth. In my neck.”

Ignis’ eyes dropped to the two red marks on Prompto’s neck. He paused, thinking, then lifted his hand from Prompto’s hip and raised it to his own mouth.

Ignis parted his lips and dipped his fore- and middle finger inside, swiping the tips under his bottom lip. Prompto gulped, wondering if Ignis could taste his skin on his fingers.

Ignis pulled his fingers free and reached up to Prompto’s neck. Prompto’s breath caught in his throat, his hands tightening on Ignis’ shoulders, though it was more fear than excitement he felt as those two wet digits dabbed at the marks on his neck. He squeezed his eyes shut, his jaw locking. He only opened his  eyes again when Ignis pulled his hand away.

Ignis locked eyes with Prompto.

“Do you trust me?”

Prompto paused. Ignis’ eyes were earnest, with no sign of deceit or an ulterior motive: no desire to cause him any pain.

“Yes,” he whispered, surprised that he meant it.

Ignis gave a single, small nod, then leaned forward.

Prompto stiffened as Ignis pressed parted lips to his neck. But there was no pain, only intimacy.

Prompto gave a small, contented sigh, his eyes slipping closed. He lifted his right hand off of Ignis’ shoulder to curl it into his hair, pulling softly at the roots.

His lips were level with Ignis’ ear, tingling uncomfortably, longing for contact.

“Ignis…” he breathed. “Ignis, kiss me.”

Ignis pulled back, wasting no time in granting Prompto’s wish. Ignis pulled Prompto’s top lip between his own, so that Prompto had Ignis’ bottom lip between his.

Prompto shifted his hips, grinding forward against Ignis. Ignis gave a little grunt in his throat. He pulled back from the kiss, reaching his hand up to Prompto’s cheek. He ran his thumb along the bags under Prompto’s eyes. As if remembering that they existed, Prompto found himself stifling a yawn.

Ignis smiled. “Let’s go to sleep.”

Prompto wanted to argue, but another yawn was forming in his throat, and he had to concede. He untangled his legs from Ignis’, standing up from the stump. As Ignis stood, he took Prompto’s hand in his, and led him over to their tent, next to Noctis and Gladiolus’. He only let go when they were inside and changing into their night things.

They each fought the urge to peek.

Once they were changed, Ignis held Prompto’s hips and pulled him down onto the bedroll so that they were on their sides and facing each other.

Ignis took his glasses off, folding them meticulously and putting them an arm’s length above his head. Then he took Prompto’s hand in his, holding it between them.

“Go to sleep, Prompto.”

Prompto tightened his grip on Ignis’ hand.

“Will you be here when I awake?”

Ignis gave him a warm smile. “Of course.”

Price (Part 1)

I have a new obsession, namely Final Fantasy XV. This is an idea for an AU that I had that I wrote a couple of scenes for; the second scene will be posted tomorrow.

Prompto leaned back until he was lying on the ground. He gulped a little, but tried not to let any of the fear show on his face.

Noctis knelt down next to him. He slipped a hand under Prompto’s head, lifting it off of the ground as he leaned down.

Prompto sucked in a breath as Noctis’ teeth sank into his neck. It wasn’t particularly painful, but it was uncomfortable and the sensation of his blood being sucked out from his body was unnerving to say the least.

Half a pint later, he was beginning to feel a little lightheaded. The darkened world around him was blurring as he looked over Noctis’ shoulder.

He blinked the clarity back into his field of vision when Ignis entered into it.

Ignis was fiddling with something that Prompto couldn’t see, but he looked over at Prompto and met his eye.

The contact stopped the panic from rising, and when Noctis finished feeding and Prompto promptly passed out, Ignis’ gaze was the last thing he saw.

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