Now My Wings Fit

Ode to DNAmy

The suspicion of
science begins when you’re first
told a story of
a frog and boiling water.


I’m Asking For a Friend

I’ve got a question:
why does banging your elbow
hurt so fucking much?

It’s The End of the World As We Know It

There are more things in
heaven than are dreamt in your

How Long Ago Was 1996? or This Haiku Might Make You Feel Old

forgot how old I am. I
am twenty-two, right?

Choices With Consequences

Go under your own
steam or take the help? You’ll reach
the top either way.

For Those Wondering Why Their Cats Aren’t Interested in Much

Cats have so few fucks
to give and so much food and
sleep to give them to.

Thunder Thighs

My thighs chafe in the
hot weather and make my stretch
marks look like claw marks.

We Have Nothing to Lose But Our Chains

We are told we live in a meritocracy, so we blame our failures on ourselves.

No. No It Isn’t.

the city of London burns.


I had a book that
was a doorstopper: when I
opened it, doors froze.

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