Now My Wings Fit

Now the World is Ending

They stayed till the time

came for the sun to rise. But,

of course, it did not.


The outside is cold.
The inside needn’t be. Close
the fucking window.

Stairs Are Not My Friend Today

Went dancing last night.
I can feel my legs, but, fuck,
I wish I couldn’t.

Noct That Day

There will come a day
when I stop making Noctis
puns. But today is

Confessions of a Twenty-Something Christian

Shit. I just slurped the
Blood of Christ. I hope I’ll still
get into heaven.

The Kettle is Unplugged

Whosoever deprives me of the method of making tea shall suffer my eternal wrath.

Deep Cleaning

You know when you do
a shit so big that you feel
hollow afterwards?

Whoops, Wrong One

Is it weird to say
‘calm yo tits’ to your bleeding
Vagina? Maybe…

The Perfect Day

I have nothing to do,
No commitments to uphold:
Just an appointment with the sofa,
A cup of tea,
A book,
A video game,
A YouTube video.
And it’s pissing down outside.

Six Word Story #38

“Physics doesn’t care about your problems!”

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