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An Observation from a Car Park Wall

The sky is grey and
The rain is drizzling warm:
Goldilocks weather.

Anything Can Be A Bookmark

Having surveyed the
available resources,
I elect to use
a playing card. The seven
of spades, to be specific.

Where’s the End?

I shouldn’t have this
kind of trouble with loo roll.
It’s not Sellotape.

The Longest Day

My everything aches:
Legs, feet, back, neck, head, even
my fingernails.
My fingernails hurt. How
does that even fucking work?

Pesky Bodily Functions

Am I gonna sneeze?
I think that I’m gonna sneeze.
Nope, it was a yawn.


The outside is cold.
The inside needn’t be. Close
the fucking window.

Stairs Are Not My Friend Today

Went dancing last night.
I can feel my legs, but, fuck,
I wish I couldn’t.

Noct That Day

There will come a day
when I stop making Noctis
puns. But today is

Confessions of a Twenty-Something Christian

Shit. I just slurped the
Blood of Christ. I hope I’ll still
get into heaven.

The Kettle is Unplugged

Whosoever deprives me of the method of making tea shall suffer my eternal wrath.

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