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A New Hope


Quests completed: The Renegade Shadowscale, The Assassinated Man

* Pictures are screenshots from my playthrough, with thanks to the Player’s Diary mod.


In the Arms of Sithis


Quests completed: Fingers of the Mountain Part II, To Serve Sithis

* Pictures are screenshots from my playthrough, with thanks to the Player’s Diary mod.

A Literal Silvermine


Quests completed: Revenge Served Cold, Accidents Happen, No Rest for the Wicked

* Pictures are screenshots from my playthrough, with thanks to the Player’s Diary mod.

Frostcrag Spire


Quests completed: Blood of the Damned, Bruma Recommendation

* Pictures are screenshots from my playthrough, with thanks to the Player’s Diary mod.

A reflection in Leyawiin


Quests completed: Alteration Training, Leyawiin Recommendation

* Pictures are screenshots from my playthrough, with thanks to the Player’s Diary mod.

Falcar the Necromancer


Quests completed: A Watery Grave, Cheydinal Recommendation

Ascended to Level 2

* Pictures are screenshots from my playthrough, with thanks to the Player’s Diary mod.

A foothold


Quests completed: A Knife in the Dark, Welcome to the Family

* Pictures are screenshots from my playthrough, with thanks to the Player’s Diary mod.

Out to Sea (And Back Again)


Quests completed: An Unexpected Voyage

* Pictures are screenshots from my playthrough, with thanks to the Player’s Diary mod.

An introduction to Jez-Ebel

System: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Race: Argonian
Class: Necromage(1)
– Specialisation: Magic
– Attributes: Intelligence, Willpower
– Major skills: Athletics, Blunt, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, Sneak
Birthsign: The Apprentice



Jez-Ebel was born the second and youngest child to a farmer couple in Black Marsh, Shahtsan and Oleed-Lei. She is the the younger sister of her sister, Nakhvee.

Nakhvee was a Shadowscale, and so was trained for her perceived destiny in the Dark Brotherhood from a young age and joined the Brotherhood when Jez-Ebel was fifteen.

As time passed and Nakhvee sent news back from her new life, Shahtsan and Oleed-Lei decided that Jez-Ebel would have a better life in the Dark Brotherhood than she could at home, and so they arranged – through Nahkvee’s contacts – for Jez-Ebel to join the Brotherhood.

Not long after settling into the Black Marsh Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Jez-Ebel met Georyn, a Breton Mage who had been a member of the Mages Guild in High Rock. Georyn had been sent on an expedition to Akavir, but he never arrived there: as he was journeying through Black Marsh he slew a highwayman who tried to rob him. It transpired that the highwayman was an active Dark Brotherhood contract, and he was forced to join the Brotherhood as repayment for stealing it. Within months, however, he found that he enjoyed the lifestyle of the Brotherhood far more than that of the Mages Guild and decided to stay as an assassin.

Georyn and Jez-Ebel became fast friends over the next year and a half, and Georyn began to train Jez-Ebel in the magical arts, specifically Alteration, Destruction, Conjuration, and Restoration. As Jez-Ebel improved with her training, she discovered that she had an affinity for reanimating corpses.

This discovery inspired Jez-Ebel and Nakhvee to join forces when carrying out contracts: Nakhvee would murder the target, while Jez-Ebel would wait in the shadows and reanimate the new corpse for long enough for her and Nakhvee to make their escape with the use of Invisibility potions brewed by Gulum-Wulm, the Black Marsh Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary’s alchemist. The idea was that no one would even notice that the target was dead until her and Nakhvee were already a safe enough distance away.

The plan worked well until one fateful contract, where Nakhvee and Jez-Ebel were tasked with murdering Llahusa Romoinith, a Dunmer slaver working in northern Black Marsh. The plan worked well enough to begin with; Llahusa was slain and reanimated by the sisters, but upon their escape Nakhvee’s Invisibility potion wore off early, and she was spotted by Llahusa’s wife, Neddrasi. A week later, Neddrasi exacted her revenge on Nakhvee and killed her.

Torn by grief, Jez-Ebel recovered Nakhvee’s body and forced Georyn to place a powerful Restoration spell upon it which would preserve it indefinitely. Jez-Ebel then began extensive research into Necromancy in the hopes of finding a way to return Nakhvee to life. Goeryn warned her not only of the dangers of such a pursuit, but also of its impossibility; while Jez-Ebel may be able to reanimate Nakhvee’s body, she would not be able to bring her back to life. Such a feat would take the power of an incredibly powerful Necromancer – possibly the most powerful Necromancer in all of Tamriel.

Rather than perturbed by this warning, Jez-Ebel was only spurned on further to achieve her goal. She set her sights on travelling to Cyrodiil, where the Mages Guild’s newfound stance on Necromancy would allow her to eliminate her competition and allow her access to Arcane University, which would no doubt have much more research on the subject of Necromancy than the Black Marsh Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

And so, Jez-Ebel booked passage on a ship to the Imperial City with the view of joining the Mages Guild and discovering a way to bring her sister back to life.

(1) This class is actually a Necromancer. The Necromancer class does exist in Oblivion, but only as an NPC class. I have created the class from scratch in order to use it. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of characters available for the name of a custom class, and so I had to call the class Necromage instead.

* The screenshot is from the playthrough and so everything contained within it belongs to Bethesda Game Studios.

* I have included links to relevant pages on the Elder Scrolls wiki throughout, for those who wish to learn more about the lore of things mentioned throughout this post. These are the pages I used for my own research while building the character. If anyone has any questions about the lore or about any of the original characters mentioned in this post, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments section.

* Large thanks to Emily at Fantasy Name Generators, for the help of her name generators in naming the original characters with whom Jez-Ebel has interacted.

An announcement

As of late, my posts on this blog have become rather… erratic. I can only apologise for that. There are many reasons varying from a busy personal life to poor mental health, but rest assured I am not considering giving up on this blog for one instance. To prove this, I am putting together this post to update you on my current writing status.

I am completely obsessed, fanfiction-wise, with Final Fantasy XV. I am mainly writing short stories for this fandom which are being posted simultaneously on my and AO3 accounts (links are in the sidebar).

If any of you are familiar with my side-blog, Now My Wings Fit Fighting Fantasy, I am currently in the planning stages of a fanfiction Choose Your Own Adventure tale set in the Elder Scrolls universe. While I do not yet have a name for this tale, I can confirm that it will be set c.4E70 in Bruma, and the plot will revolve around the Vigilants of Stendarr.

Finally, I shall be starting a roleplay playthrough of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I have installed two mods for the purpose of this playthrough: a player’s diary mod, and an alternate start mod. I shall be documenting this playthrough on this blog, beginning with a detailed description of my character and her backstory.

I will see you all soon, hopefully with the backstory of my roleplay character.

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