Now My Wings Fit


I am a third year Theology student, and General Secretary of the University of Exeter Creative Writing Society and University of Exeter Methodist and Anglican Society.

I have had many ambitions over the years. I can’t quite remember what I wanted to be when I was very little, but by the time I was seven, I aspired to be a palaeontologist. This was given up fairly quickly, as I soon realised that I didn’t know how to spell palaeontologist (and, if anyone is interested, I spelled it incorrectly when I first tried to write it in this very paragraph).

After the brief love affair with all things prehistoric, my attentions turned to novel writing. Then music radio. Then talk radio. Then the Church.

How, however, I have a new ambition, more closely related to my second primary school dream all those years ago. I wish to write for a living, if I can.

When I first began this blog, it was intended to be purely for my writing. However, it has kind of descended into the odd half-way territory between ‘creative writing blog’ and ‘fandom blog’.

If you are on Twitter, you can find me @ellengwriter.

Welcome and enjoy! I hope you enjoy your stay.


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