Now My Wings Fit

An announcement

As of late, my posts on this blog have become rather… erratic. I can only apologise for that. There are many reasons varying from a busy personal life to poor mental health, but rest assured I am not considering giving up on this blog for one instance. To prove this, I am putting together this post to update you on my current writing status.

I am completely obsessed, fanfiction-wise, with Final Fantasy XV. I am mainly writing short stories for this fandom which are being posted simultaneously on my and AO3 accounts (links are in the sidebar).

If any of you are familiar with my side-blog, Now My Wings Fit Fighting Fantasy, I am currently in the planning stages of a fanfiction Choose Your Own Adventure tale set in the Elder Scrolls universe. While I do not yet have a name for this tale, I can confirm that it will be set c.4E70 in Bruma, and the plot will revolve around the Vigilants of Stendarr.

Finally, I shall be starting a roleplay playthrough of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I have installed two mods for the purpose of this playthrough: a player’s diary mod, and an alternate start mod. I shall be documenting this playthrough on this blog, beginning with a detailed description of my character and her backstory.

I will see you all soon, hopefully with the backstory of my roleplay character.


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