Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Castigate

Castigate – to criticise or reprimand severely/to punish in order to correct

Disclaimer: Don’t own Merlin

Of course, it was up to Arthur to give Merlin the news. He had barely wanted to leave Gaius’ chambers, but he was taken down to the dungeons by two guards who had probably been ordered to use force if he wasn’t willing to come quietly.

He had left the guards at eh entrance to the dungeons; he didn’t want any witnesses to this conversation.

Merlin was sitting on the floor of his cell when Arthur approached, but quickly leapt to his feet and made his way over to the bars when he saw him.

“Any news? What’s going on?”

Arthur ran a hand through his hair. “The king knows that Sir Leon and I let you use magic the other day. He has seen fit to castigate you.”

Merlin chuckled a little, though the smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Didn’t know you could use words with more than two syllables.”

When Arthur didn’t reply, Merlin chose to stop the jokes.

“What’s the punishment to be?”

“It’s already been done.”

“What do you mean?”

Arthur sighed.

“He had Sir Leon flogged.”

Merlin sank to his knees.


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