Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Somatic

Warning: reference to a sexual situation

Somatic – of the body; bodily; physical

Joshua trailed his fingers up Abigail’s thigh. She sighed in contentment, laying her head back on the pillow.

Joshua leaned over and gave her a long, languid kiss. When he pulled away, he stared down at her, a smile pulling at his lips.

“Joshua?” Abigail asked, reaching up to cup his cheek. She ran her thumb along his cheekbone.

He reached up to her wrist.


“Our relationship, for you, is not purely somatic, is it?”

Joshua blinked, his smile faltering. “Of course not. Unless you want it to be.”

Abigail shook her head. “I most certainly do not. Especially not now.”

Joshua’s brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”

Abigail gave a little giggle, then pulled Joshua’s hand up from her leg to rest his palm against her stomach.

Joshua looked down at it, and then something clicked.

He looked back up at her, his eyes wide and a smile on his face. “No!”

Abigail nodded. “Yes.”

Joshua laughed, a deep and full sound, and reached down to kiss her again.

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