Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Dilatory

Dilatory – tending to delay or procrastinate, slow; intending to cause delay or gain time, or defer decision

“There shouldn’t be elves working in such a place. It is beneath them.”

Aodhán raised his eyebrows. “What if they like working there?”

Colin snorted. “How could they? To be on the same level as… orcs.”

“But surely they have a right to choose where they work? You see, some people – some elves, in fact – rather enjoy the work that they do. They like the people with whom they work, even if those people are, dare I say it, orcs. Other elves, of course, are far more content to live off the money their ancestors worked hard to own while never contributing anything other than the maintenance of the racism and classism that gives such elves a sense of superiority.”

Colin blustered. “Why… You…”

“Worry not, friend,” Aodhán grinned. “It was a half-hearted dig, a dilatory attempt to allow my associate here to relieve you of some of that ancestral money.”

With a grin, Aodhán reached around Colin to grab Ailbhe’s hand and pull her around. In her free hand, she held a coin bag.


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