Now My Wings Fit

CWS Exercise: No Colour Cliché

The task: think of ten similes for colours that aren’t the ones that are usually used (e.g. blue as the sea etc.), and pink normal and simple colours (so nothing like crimson or vermilion etc.)

  1. Blue like the colour of my soul when I remember
  2. Yellow as the belly of a lilied liver
  3. As green as the graveyard under which she sleeps
  4. As red as my tongue after eating a bag of wine gums
  5. Pink like the flash that kept her alive
  6. As white as the inside of her eyelids
  7. Black like the bottom of the deep, blue sea
  8. Brown like the beer pouring down his throat
  9. Orange like every dress I had to wear at school
  10. Grey like the Sunday mornings since I found you again

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