Now My Wings Fit

CWS Exercise: Inspired by a painting

The task: to come up with a story that was based on a painting (but I’m not going to tell you which painting it was)

“Wait, the red die has a three on it, but the blue die has a four. So do I move right three spaces, or left four spaces…”

“You move diagonally one space, Dylan, we went over this.”

“But then I’m on the same square as the Most Vicious Creature in All of Dragonward. That can’t be fair.”

“Dylan, did you even read the rules of Underground Places and Wyverns? I am the Immersion Controller, I don’t have time to make up a whole campaign and tell you the rules. Everyone else did their homework.”

“I know, but why do we have to roll five dice every time it’s our turn? Sometimes the blue die is for movement and sometimes it’s for attack and sometimes it’s for damage, and I only had a day to read that rule book and it’s just not enough time. I do have a life, you know.”

“A… A life?”

“Yes, you know, where you go outside and make friends and-”

“No, no, no. I am aware of the concept. But this party consists of five people: one who is a badass elven barbarian, another is a gnomish bard, a third is a dragoncursed greatsword with legs, and you play a lion who lives on Mars and can talk, and the most fantastical thing that has come out of this conversation is that you have a life. Now, you’re going to have to make a choice. Do you want to have a life, or do you want to play Underground Places and Wyverns?”

“I want to play Underground Places and Wyverns.”

“Okay, so move your character one square diagonally to the one that’s a lighter shade of green than the one you’re on right now.”


“…Yeah, you’ve landed on the same square as the Most Vicious Creature in All of Dragonward, you’re definitely dead. You better get started on creating a new character.”


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