Now My Wings Fit

CWS Exercise: 3 ways to describe a thing

This exercise involved us being given an object and having to describe it in three ways.

Warning: the examples passed the ‘Read more’ tag are NSFW

  1. A barred portal to a dimension unknown.
  2. Really fucking painful to hit at 30mph.
  3. When you see it, you are so close; but from this side, you are so far.

A door

  1. “Isn’t it a bit too… big and purple?”
    “Well it could be ill.”
    “Please tell me you haven’t used this for… that?”
    She shifted uncomfortably. Probably even more uncomfortably than she would have normally if she hadn’t been brave enough to use an aubergine as a dildo.
  2. When stood upright, it wears a hat. Like a green beret, with the little thing pointing upwards instead of lying uselessly against the person’s head.
  3. It is a plant, but it looks nothing like an egg.

An aubergine

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