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CWS Exercise: Fuck the Classics

So this was an exercise where we were given an extract from a piece of public domain literature (this extract in particular was from Great Expectations) with some of the words removed, and we had to fill them in. It was surprisingly hard and so it doesn’t quite make sense, but it was an interesting way to come up with a new character.

She was dressed in leather armour, red, and protective, and strong, – all of the night. And she had a worn hairband dependent from her hair, and she had dirt in her hair, and her hair was matted. Some dull jewels hung on her neck and on her wrists, and some other treasure lay there on the floor. Blood, less splendid than the crimson she wore, and dead bodies, were scattered about. She had not quite finished them all off, for she had but a bow, – her sword was on the floor some distance away,- her dagger was buy a dull blade, her scabbard and holster were not put on, and some glitter for her bosom lay on her skin, and with her necklace, and bracelet, and some petals, and a thorn all sat there about her feet.


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