Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Excoriate

Excoriate – to denounce or berate severely; verbally flay / to strip off or remove the skin from

Disclaimer: Don’t own Doctor Who or Thor

It was not an unusual occurrence for his professors to excoriate him. Most of the time they were wrong anyway, so he didn’t really pay attention.

“You’re not even listening, are you?”

Loki looked away as he felt the familiar burning of the psychic paper in his pocket. He fished it out, ignoring his professor’s purpling face, and read the message sent to him.

Got a fix on that other TARDIS. Ready yourself.

As the familiar sound of the TARDIS filled his ears, Loki pocketed the psychic paper and gave his professor the falsest of smiles.

“I hear your concerns, but I shan’t be taking them on board. I have to go now.”

The professor spluttered, but the view before Loki was changing from the professor’s face to the inside of the TARDIS, until the ship fully materialised around him and he turned to the Doctor.

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