Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Yestreen

Yestreen – during yesterday evening

Disclaimer: Don’t own Merlin

Merlin strode into Gaius’ chambers like a man on a mission. The door closed loudly behind him.

“Merlin? What is it? What are you looking for?”

“A magnifying glass. You have one of those?” He looked up from the table he was searching at Gaius.

“There.” Gaius pointed to a circular object with two pieces of glass in it. “I use it to help me read small print. What do you need it for?”

“Reading small print,” Merlin mumbled, turning the object over in his hands. He snapped his head up. “Something weird happened today.”

Gaius put his book down. “Oh?”

“You see, Sir Leon has a new horse, to replace the one he lost when we were searching for Morgana. He introduced me to her today.”

“And is there something wrong with the horse?”

Merlin shook his head absent-mindedly. “I’m not sure. She’s got a mark about an inch from her left eye.” Merlin pointed at his own face. “It looks like a blemish, a birthmark, but…”


Merlin licked his lips. “But when I brushed my hand over it, it felt… magical. It wanted to have a closer look at it.”

“Well, let me know what you find.” Gaius lifted his book again.

* * *

Merlin took the magnifying glass he got yestreen to the stables. They were empty except for horses, so he headed straight for Lewgeffyl.

She was calm as he walked up to her and brushed a hand along her nose. He lifted the magnifying glass to the mark by her eye and looked more closely.

It was a triskelian – a tiny one, but one nonetheless.

He looked up and pocketed the magnifying glass.

“Where did you come from?”


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