Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Coeval

Coeval – of the same age, date, or duration; equally old / a contemporary

Disclaimer: Don’t own Merlin

He came to awareness slowly. Blinking his eyes open, his vision was filled with blurry but rapidly clearing green. The ground beneath him was soft, and there was sunlight streaming onto his face.

“Ah, you finally wake, young knight.”

Gwaine jumped at the noise. He pushed himself to his elbows and searched for the source of the unfamiliar voice, not that it took him long to find.

He was in a clearing, one large enough to house the dragon that was sitting a few feet away from him, staring down at him with amusement in his ancient, golden eyes.

“You kidnapped me.”

“I needed to speak with you.”

Gwaine got to his feet, happy that he didn’t seem to be injured in any way.

“I suppose you’re Kilgharrah?”

The dragon huffed, though its annoyance didn’t seem to be directed at him. “I see Merlin has told you much.”

“Pretty sure he told me everything.”

Kilgharrah hummed. “Tell me, young knight.” He shifted, leaning down so that his face was barely feet from Gwaine’s. Gwaine’s heart hammered in his chest, but he schooled his face to hide his fear. “Is Merlin in danger?”

Gwaine laughed. “From me? He obviously hasn’t told you much about me. I’ve always protected him with my life, and I always will.”

The dragon stared at him, his expression impossible to read.

Suddenly, he met Gwaine’s eyes, and images began to flash before his eyes. He gasped, stumbling back a few steps and clutching at his head until the pain passed.

“What was that?” he demanded, gritting his teeth together.

“Just checking.”

“Checking what?” Gwaine lowered his hand, and realised what had just happened. “Did you… Were you looking through my memories?”

The dragon shrugged, as much as he could. “I had to be sure that you would not harm Merlin. Rest assured, I can erase your memories just as easily, should I deem it necessary.”

“And do you? Deem it necessary?”

The dragon paused. “No. I do not.”

“Well, that’s wonderful. Now can I go?”

Gwaine made to walk away, but Kilgharrah stretched out his wing to block his way.

Gwaine took a deep breath and turned back to the dragon again. He was staring down at him.

“You have asked Merlin to teach you magic.”

Gwaine shrugged. “I thought it would help.”

“You are aware that magic is as coeval as the earth itself; it runs through the veins of all living things.”

Gwaine smirked. “Even Uther?”

The dragon looked angry for a moment. “Even Uther. But you will never be as powerful as Merlin, you must understand.”

“I don’t want to be. I just want to help.”

Kilgharrah regarded him, his eyes seeming to see through his very soul. After a moment, he finally spoke.

“Very well. I shall give you a head start.”

The dragon opened his mouth and Gwaine took an instinctive step back, but there was no fire building in the dragon’s throat. Rather, the air seemed to shimmer before his eyes.

Carefully, Kilgharrah let out a long, deep breath that ruffled Gwaine’s hair and felt distinctly magical.

“I don’t feel any different.”

“You will. Give it time.”

Kilgharrah nodded his head, and Gwaine got the feeling that he was being dismissed. He turned to leave.

“But remember, young sorcerer: whatever I give you can and will be taken away if you ever decide to betray Merlin.”


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