Now My Wings Fit


It’s been a while since I’ve updated about my writing progress, so I thought I would.

Summer projects

For the most part, over summer I have been writing Word of the Day Challenges (as of now, I am scheduled up to nearly the end of August), and working on a story for a competition based on characters and the world of Arrow To The Knee.


In terms of my Columbarius series, I have been steadily working on getting the plan finished, though I don’t think it will be done for a while yet. I have planned a few more stories in their entirety since I last updated, and have an idea for yet another story set in the year between series 3 and series 4. As it stands, I am thinking of splitting the series into parts:

  • Part 1: The Dragon’s Call-The Coming of Arthur Part 2
  • Part 2: The Coming of Arthur Part 2-The Darkest Hour Part 1
  • Part 3: The Darkest Hour Part 2-Arthur’s Bane Part 1
  • Part 4: Arthur’s Bane Part 1-The Diamond of the Day Part 2 (and a little beyond)

I am also thinking of leaving it open for a sequel, possibly a reincarnation series.

Loki and the Doctor
Warning: Spoilers for both my Loki and the Doctor series and Doctor Who in general ahead!

Officially, the Loki and the Doctor series is over. I have finished the story, and it is over.

However, in the Author’s Note at the end of The Flaw in the Calculations, I said that I had purposely left it open for the possibility of a sequel, though at the time I had no ideas for what such a thing would look like.

Now, the plot bunnies have attacked and I have several. A review I received from someone who had read the entire series suggested having an adventure with Loki, the twelfth Doctor, and Missy. This is something which I am considering.

My other ideas are centred on Loki’s reasons for leaving Asgard for the TARDIS and the unique placing of the series’ end within the Doctor Who timeline. I plan to enrol Loki in the Lunar University (though probably without many encounters with a certain Professor River Song, as I am yet to work out how it could fit in with her timeline considering the events of The Light Against the Dark), and have a subplot where Loki tries to get to the bottom of the Doctor having forgotten Clara.

One thing that I am sure this sequel will be is a reversal of worlds: while the Loki and the Doctor series focused on Loki and Loki’s world, this sequel will be far more invested in the Doctor Who world and everything that it has to offer – and everything that Loki has to offer to it.

Rest assured, this will not happen until after I have written Columbarius.

Word of the Day Challenges

Since I made Panoply and Basorexia into stories in their own right and published them on my account, I decided to look through the other WOTD Challenges I have published to see which ones I would like to publish as stories in their own right. This evening, I published an edited version of Bolide, and I have eight more in the editing stages which I hope to publish soon:

There is also a WOTD Challenge which I have scheduled to post in a few days which will be edited, though I aim to avoid having it published on before it has been published on here. Updates for these will be posted on Twitter.


This is pretty much what I’ve been up to since I last updated. I will try to update more often, if only to keep myself organised.


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