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Word of the Day Challenge: Quiescent

Quiescent – being at rest; quiet; still; inactive or motionless

Disclaimer: Don’t own Merlin

It was always a gamble as to whether or not he would be alone when he got back.

Sometimes he wouldn’t go to the tavern and he’d be alone, because Merlin still had chores to do. Sometimes he would go to the tavern and he would still be alone because Merlin was off saving the world. The latter seemed to be getting more and more frequent in recent times.

Now, however, it would seem that he had lucked out.

He pushed the door to their chambers open as he always did, even when he was blind drunk: quietly and slowly. As he peered inside, he fully expected to see them as they usually were when he came in to retire: empty.

He couldn’t stop a smile when he saw that that wasn’t the case.

The room was in darkness, though he could see a body-shaped lump beneath the covers of the bed.

He closed the door behind him and took off his boots, leaving them by the door.

As softly as he could, he padded over to Merlin’s side of the bed and knelt down by the bed.

Merlin was lying on his side, and facing outwards – facing towards him.

His smile grew. He hardly ever saw Merlin so quiescent. It wasn’t in a cliche way that he looked younger or more peaceful when he was asleep.

When he was awake, he was constantly moving. He was always doing something, even when he was just standing there.

Now, however, he had stopped. the juxtaposition was amazing.

Gwaine reached up to card his fingers through Merlin’s hair. Merlin’s lips quirked slightly, but he still didn’t move.

Gwaine placed a kiss on his forehead, and got ready for bed himself.


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