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Word of the Day Challenge: Sonder

Sonder – the realisation that people you pass are living lives as complicated and involved as your own

Disclaimer: Don’t own Harry Potter

They say every cloud has a silver lining, but some times you have to look harder than others. The cloud in question for Sandie that day was that she had been given detention after school.

The silver lining was her sonder on the way home.

There was a house she passed on the way home every day. The curtains usually weren’t pulled because it was too early in the day, and she could see inside. The window showed the living room, with crappy furniture and shocking wallpaper and a massive bookshelf against the back wall.

It was a curious house. She had worked out long ago that it was inhabited by two young men. But, occasionally, she would see strange things through that window. She would see little flashes of light, and sticks sitting on the table. Once, she was sure, she saw an owl flying around the living room, completely at home.

what she saw that day, however, she knew she never would have seen had she not been kept back at school. What she saw that day was the two young men in question both in the living room at the same time.

One was tall and fair-haired, grey despite his youthful yet scarred face. The other was a little shorter, with long and shaggy black hair and stubble.

She had never seen them together before. Yet today, she stopped on the other side of the road to watch as they danced, holding each other, with the biggest smiles on their faces.

And, seeing that, she couldn’t help but smile herself.


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