Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Astraphobia

Astraphobia – an abnormal fear of thunder and lightning

Carrie walked up to the table, her hands full of pieces of paper from other modules and lecturers scattered around the hall.

This one had a bright, smiling woman with crazy hair that reminded her of Professor Trelawney and clothes that she must have got from Camden market sitting behind it.

“Hello!” the woman beamed as Carrie approached.

“Hi, is this the… fanfiction module?”

The woman nodded. “Indeed. We’ll be looking at how to write fanfiction, fanfiction cliches…”


The woman nodded. “Like, too male friends falling for each other, or astraphobia-”

“What’s that?”

The woman smirked. “Well, it’s when you give a character an often strangely out-of-place fear of thunderstorms for the sole purpose of using another character to comfort them. The two usually end up together. It’s just a thing.”

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