Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Blarney

Blarney – flattering talk/deceptive talk

“I apologize profusely, guv’nor, didn’t realise what was going on.”

“Didn’t know it was me, you mean?” Thomas sneered.

Frank took a step back, his hands raised in surrender. “No, course I knew it was you, I just didn’t realise you didn’t need any help is all.”

Thomas puffed up, his face turning puce. “Help with what? Relieving my carriage of its valuables? Your blarney does not fool me, thief. Where are the rest of your gang? Am I being pickpocketed as we speak?”

Thomas wheeled around on his heel, checking all around him for someone couching too close to him.

“Now, see here, I would never do nothing to get on your bad side. Nothing at all.” He adjusted his holey top hat on his head.

Thomas rounded on him, a glare fixed on his face. “I’m sure.”


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