Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Fecundity

Fecundity – capacity, especially in female animals, of producing young in great numbers

Warnings: Details of experiments and other unethical practices, war

A hand slammed onto the desk, the sound reverberating throughout the entire room.

“Damn it, this is madness! This is people’s lives we’re talking about!”

“This is war, Sargent.” Was the unfazed reply. “We lack the fecundity to produce more soldiers. What are our options?”


A snort. “You would throw away everything away for the sake of some…” he wrinkled his nose- “peasants?”

A blanch. “They’re still people.”

“They are doomed to die no matter what we do.”

“But it doesn’t have to be in agony, in some soulless white room, strapped to a table…” He trailed off, bile rising in his throat.

“There, here, it makes no difference.” A shrug. “At least this way their sacrifice will not be in vain.”


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