Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Nyctophilia

Nyctophilia – love of darkness or night

Disclaimer: Don’t own anything to do with Dungeons & Dragons, but these characters are mine

“What do you think is out there?”

Naivara looked over at Darvin and cocked her brow. “Others.”

“It can’t be all bad, can it?”

Darvin shifted on his feet, his eyes squinting at the faint moonlight pouring into the mouth of the cave.

“She might still be out there.”

Naivara smiled, reaching over to place a hand on Darvin’s shoulder.

“Quite possibly. But we’re far too nyctophiliac to leave the coven.”

Darvin smiled sadly. “If I left, you’d go with me, right?” He looked over at her.

Naivara smiled. “Of course.”

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