Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Shlemiel

So this is a dramatic retelling of something that happened in our second DnD quest. Basically, our High Elf Wizard fell off of the city wall and then got shot by our Tiefling Cleric (who is also our healer). We were not very happy with him.

Shlemiel – an awkward and unlucky person for whom things never turn out right

Disclaimer: I don’t own Dungeons & Dragons, and Darvin is the only thing in this story who is of my own creation

“Are you capable of doing anything right?”

Erevan shrunk back, but had a defiant look in his eye.

“It wasn’t entirely my fault.”

He glared over at Morthos, who was preoccupied with firing at the prophet.

“But you fell, shlemiel.” Darvin reached out and grabbed Erevan’s collar. “If you ever fall off a wall again, I will kill you myself.”


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