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Word of the Day Challenge: Inerrancy

Inerrancy – lack of error; infallibility

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He stared at the empty cupboard in disbelief. The lock had been broken – all but torn off – and the two incredibly precious items inside had been stolen.

Growling, he turned on his heel and barked at the guard outside to fetch his adviser.

He, too, looked upon the cupboard with sadness.

“If it was him-”

“He wouldn’t dare.”

He fixed his adviser with a glare. The man relented.

“But he would never succeed.”

“We don’t know that. He is stubborn enough to finish them off.”

His adviser took in a breath through his nose.

“What?” he growled through gritted teeth.

His adviser shifted uncomfortably. “You should not have sacrificed her.”

“How was I supposed to know he’d be this stupid?”

“You have too much faith in your inerrancy, Lord Emon. The damage it may cause-”

“Will be non-existent. We will follow the wanderer and make sure he never gets to the Forbidden Lands, much less place a finger on any of those creatures.”

* * *

Hundreds of miles away, Wander slumped to the ground, unconscious, as a beam of light rose into the sky.

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