Now My Wings Fit

Llewellyn Argall

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Basic info
Name: Llewellyn Argall
Race: Human (Lantanna)
Class: Druid
Background: Noble (Knight)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 35
Height: 6’3
Weight: 200lbs
Sex: Male
Speed: 30ft


Strength 5+1 -4
Dexterity 2+1 -7
Constitution 7+1 -2
Intelligence 5+1 -4
Wisdom 11+1 2
Charisma 3+1 -6

Race info (Human)
Ability scores all increase by 1
Size: Medium
Languages: Common and Lantanese (one extra language)

Class info (Druid)
At 1st Level
2 druid cantrips: Guidance, Resistance
2 druid spells: Healing Word, Cure Wounds
Hit points: 6 (8 + Constitution mod)
Proficiencies: Light armour, medium armour, shields, clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, quaterstaffs, scimitars, sickles, slings, spears, herbalism kit tools, Intelligence Saving Throws, Wisdom Saving Throws, Insight, Perception
Druidic language
Druid circle (from 2nd Level): Circle of the Land (forest)

Background info (Noble [Knight])
Proficiencies: History, Persuasion, Three-Dragon Ante (one type of gaming set)
Languages: Gnomish (one of your choice)
Ideal: “Respect is due to me because of my position, but all people regardless of station deserve to be treated with dignity.”
Bond: Everything I do is to protect and honour the memory of Faye (Ward).
Flaw: I am intimidated by strangers who don’t recognise my authority.
Feature: Retainers (Lady Elssa Millstone [aristocratic gnome], Cledwyn and Rhoslyn Idle [humans])

Starting Equipment
Wooden shield
Mace (any simple melee weapon)
Leather armour
Explorer’s pack (a backpack, a bedroll, a mess kit, a tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days of rations, and a waterskin, 50 feet of hempen rope)
Druidic focus (yew wand)
Wealth: 50gp (2d4 x 10)
A set of fine clothes
A signet ring
A scroll of pedigree
A purse containing 25gp

Trinket: A silver badge in the shape of a five-pointed star

Starting wealth: 75gp


For generations, Llewellyn’s ancestors made up the Decirc Clan, a druidic clan living on the islands of Lantan. They kept themselves separate from the rest of the population of the islands, both humans and gnomes alike. Their population, along with the population of the entirety of Lantan, was almost completely wiped out when the Spellplague hit and most of Lantan’s land was lost to tsunamis, creating the single island of Lantan’s Rest. While the humans and the gnomes picked themselves up and dusted themselves off, the Decirc Clan stubbornly refused to mingle, despite the insistence of the Noble House of Lainlord that they take refuge in the city, until only two families of the Clan remained: the Argall family and the Blevins family. Llewellyn’s grandparents finally accepted the help of the nobles, and were elevated to noble status themselves, along with their children, Aled Argall and Eleri Blevins.

Llewellyn remained unaware of the druidic ways for the majority of his early life. His parents, Aled and Eleri, had long forsaken their heritage in favour of their new luxurious lifestyle. Such was their integration into wealth and status that they even hired Eleri’s sister – Faye Ward, who had married outside of the nobility and so had lost her status – to be Llewellyn’s governess when he turned 10. Faye was appalled that Llewellyn had never been taught the ways of the druids, and sought to remedy this. His lessons were heavily interspersed with the history and culture lessons of the Decirc Clan. Faye even taught him spells and fashioned for him a yew wand to help him focus his magic.

Llewellyn was fascinated and enchanted by the druidic ways, but Faye was his only connection to them. Apart from his lessons with her, he was the perfect noble for his parents and the rest of the city.

While Lantan’s Rest was beginning to recover from the devastation of the tsunamis and society was beginning to settle down, remnants from the islands’ past began to wash ashore. Ancient technologies often found their way back to land, though more often than not, they were broken beyond repair. Worshipers of Gond hoarded what they found and tried to re-engineer the technology of their ancestors, but most disregarded the relics and often just threw them back into the sea.

One of Llewellyn’s friends, however, a gnome named Tovyn Lainlord (the son and heir of the Noble House of Lainlord), found a curious object washed ashore one day: a gun. Not many of those still alive, apart from the worshipers of Gond, knew what this strange object was, nor how dangerous it was. Tovyn took great pride in showing off his find to his friends, including Llewellyn. He was boasting in the marketplace when he accidentally let off a shot. Tovyn did not realise that the shots were dangerous, and attempted to use the gun on himself to see what would happen. Llewellyn wrestled Tovyn’s arm down, but couldn’t stop him from pulling the trigger. The shot fired and hit and killed a bystander at a nearby stall: Faye.

Llewellyn was rewarded for his actions in saving Tovyn’s life, and was knighted by the Noble House of Lainlord. As part of his new position, he was given a squire (Lady Elssa Millstone) and two servants (brother and sister Cledwyn and Rhoslyn Idle), and served as a military defender of the mostly peaceable island.

Fifteen years have passed since Faye’s death, but Llewellyn has yet to get over the guilt he feels over the part in played in her demise. He wishes only to honour her memory by seeking to better understand the druidic ways and to become the best druid he could be, whatever that may involve, and wherever it may take him.

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