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Word of the Day Challenge: Perdure

Perdure – to continue or last permanently; endure

Disclaimer: Don’t own Harry Potter

Another scream ripped from his throat. Sirius winced at the sound and tightened his grip on the trembling figure in his arms.

Swallowing his disgust, he looked down at his brother’s arm, almost completely hidden by a white-knuckled hand. Below the tight grip, the black ink was undulating, twisting and fading and hurting.

“Is it disappearing?” he dared to ask.

Regulus shook his head. “It’s designed to perdure for eternity. I’ll never be rid of it.”

Sirius’ heart dropped, and he kicked himself for daring to hope for anything more. Of course the Dark Mark couldn’t be removed. Voldemort would never allow it.

“Then why is this happening?”

He shifted so that he could look at Regulus’ face. His brother’s features were pinched, his eyes squeezed shut and his face pale, his forehead glistening with sweat.

With no small amount of effort, it seemed, Regulus prized his eyes open. Sirius gulped at the pain held within them.

“I’m being called,” he whispered, slumping against Sirius’ chest.

Sirius placed his palm on his brother’s face, lifting it and forcing their gazes to meet.

“What do you mean, you’re being called?”

Regulus gave him a pained smile. “The Dark Lord. He’s requesting a meeting of the Death Eaters. I’m ignoring him.”

A jolt of fear shot through Sirius. “Why? He could kill you for this!”

He pushed back the thought that this agony was Voldemort’s way of killing him – painfully and slowly.

Regulus coughed as his eyes slipped closed. “Nah…” he murmured. “I’ll be okay. I’ve got you.”

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