Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Magniloquent

This is an interpretation of the beginning of our first quest in DnD. Basically, some guy came up to us in the pub and wanted us to find his son who’d run off with some girl.

Warning: One use of minor bad language

Magniloquent – pompous, grandiose, boastful

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything about Dungeons & Dragons, nor the NPC mentioned in this, but one of the characters is mine

There was no one who had infuriated her more than the man standing before them right now.

She didn’t want to know his name. She didn’t care about his son. If she could make some money off him, that was always useful, but even so…

“I don’t care about love,” he’d spat. He’d clearly never experienced it himself, the magniloquent arsehole.

She’d do what he asked. She’d take his money. But she’d never like him.


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