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Columbarius series

Okay, so I am finally writing a post about my Merlin series, the Columbarius Series.

The series is currently in the planning stages, but I can tell you were I’m up to right now. The series will run throughout the entire Merlin series, from 1×01, The Dragon’s Call, to post-5×13, The Diamond of the Day Part 2. I have tried to design the series so that the events of the stories happen in the ‘gaps’ between episodes, to ensure that the actual events of canon episodes are not disrupted. Obviously, this isn’t entirely possible to maintain across all episodes, and there will be some that may be compromised (4×08, Lamia is one that comes to mind), but I shall be striving to keep all of the stories original rather than rewriting canon episodes for the purposes of keeping the canon of the series together. The closest that I will get to doing anything like that will be to insert scenes into episodes where there are time gaps, and (hopefully) these will not impact the outcome of the episode(s) too much.

I currently have nine intended plot arcs (though they aren’t all running at the same time and each story will focus on one or two plot arcs only), and have planned eight stories in their entirety. I’m planning on having approximately 15-20 stories; at least, I don’t really want to have more than 20.

I don’t really want to give too much detail as to the plot here, for the purposes of avoiding spoilers, but I can tell you that there will be:

  • Themes related to mental health
  • Lots of magic and magical lore
  • A mixture of the Merlin canon and more ‘traditional’ Arthurian legend
  • Three primary protagonists (Sir Leon, Sir Gwaine, and Merlin) and two secondary protagonists (Arthur and Sir Mordred)
  • Slash pairings and queer characters
  • A very important horse; I have tried to keep the OCs limited to one-story villains and minor characters, but this horse is ridiculously important

The series will end as an AU to the whole series, but as I said, the AU it presents to the rest of canon up to The Diamond of the Day will not compromise the existing canon (at least, I hope).

So that’s what I have so far. As it stands, there isn’t much going on in series 1-2, but when two of your primary protagonists don’t really get main parts in the show until series 4, it’s a little difficult to write much for the earlier series. Of the eight stories I have so far, I have one during 3×12, The Coming of Arthur Part 1, three during series 4, three between series 4 and series 5, and one during series 5. I have notes for other stories scattered all over the place, but their plots need to be expanded.

I will hopefully continue to update on this as I continue working on it, and there are certainly more than a few Word of the Day Challenges related to the series scheduled to post over the next few months. This is just where I stand right now.

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