Now My Wings Fit


So, there are two versions to this: the long version, and the short version. I am fully committed to giving you both.

The short version is: I have too many projects going on. Like, way too many projects.

The long version is: I have too many projects going on. Like, way too many projects.

Let’s see if I can even remember them all…

Loki and the Doctor series
So I have been writing this for too long. Like, way too long. I thought I would be done with this by the end of my first year. I am now heading towards the end of my second year, and I still have a story and a half left to write. As it stands, I have two stories which have first drafts completed, The Sunset on the Eye and The Babe in the Bundle. I am currently working on The Light Against the Dark and after that it’s The Flaw in the Calculations. Though I have found that if I put on an episode of Doctor Who and force myself to write for the entire episode, then I can actually get a decent amount done. I hope to finally finish writing this soon. Then the editing can begin…

I have a poem that I’ve written that I shall be posting soon. I need to redraft it though. Should be going up soon.

Fighting Fantasy
I am working on the next of my FF amateur adventures, tentatively titled The Dungeon Tower. (That will change. It will.) So far, I’ve designed the dungeon and the main plot, now I just need to work out what’s going on in the different rooms, then plan the mind map and write it up.

Columbarius series
So, I haven’t actually posted a post about Columbarius (I swear, I will) but it’s basically the Merlin series that I keep writing bits of in my Word of the Day Challenges. So I won’t say too much about it here, but I promise I will reveal more in time.

There’s also a short original piece I’ve been working on, and Heartstrings, and The Eternal War Trilogy. But they’re depressing me too much to actually go into detail about.

Long story short, I have too many projects going on.

Like, way too many projects.

On the plus side, I have put together a writing playlist on YouTube with my favourite pieces of instrumental music. I find it very useful.


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