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The problem with Batman Begins

I’m not a fan of DC, but I was very excited to watch the Nolan Batman trilogy for the first time. Hands down, The Dark Knight is the best installment. I don’t often get scared watching films, but the Joker was played perfectly and to the point where he’d be talking – nothing else; just talking – and I would be so terrified of what he would do next that I found it difficult to keep my eyes on the screen.

Batman Begins, however, was a completely different story.

I did get into this film, at first. I love origin stories, and it was really interesting to see where they were going with this particular incarnation of Batman. My issue with this film didn’t appear until much later – when there appeared to be an overarching plot.

One of the tropes of initial episodes/films/books etc. that are intended to begin a series is that the reason for everything kicking off needs to somehow fit in with the overall plot of that single story. Sherlock did this amazingly well: the theme of Sherlock’s constant need to be right and to be the smartest person in the room is directly linked to the climax with the cabbie.

Batman Begins, however, didn’t do this so well. There seemed to be too much all crammed into the one film, where so much of the beginning was dedicated to the origin story.

Personally, I would have been fine with just watching Batman… begin. There didn’t necessarily need to be a villain in the film: no plot that leads to a climax and a resolution. Just telling the story of how Bruce Wayne became ‘the Batman’ would have been enough.

As it stands, I’m a little confused as to what this film was. Was it an origin story, or a film with its own plot that just had to explain how Batman began before it could get to what it really wanted to talk about? With the amount of screen time that is given to the former, the attempt to turn it into the latter seems more like an afterthought than a seamless transition.

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