Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Sillage

So, I binge-watched How I Met Your Mother on Netflix over Christmas, and this is the result… I am so, so sorry…

Sillage – the impression made by someone or something (through scent or feeling) after they have left/the trace of someone’s perfume

Disclaimer: Don’t own How I Met Your Mother

Kids, you remember when I showed you that random corner of a street up in Brooklyn, and you had no idea why? Well, it’s because of the sillage there. You see, back when Marshall and I had first moved to New York…

“I was at a bar earlier, and this guy told me he’d never learned to drive!” Marshall exclaimed as he sauntered into the apartment.

Ted lowered the newspaper to look over at his friend. “Never?”


“How is that even possible? Was he eight?”

Marshall shook his head. “Nope. Full grown-ass man, wearing a suit and everything. Never learned to drive. Says he never needed to cause he grew up in the city.”

“What? That’s crazy, there are cars everywhere! Hey, you’re driving the Fiero back from Minnesota when you go out there this weekend, right?”

Marshall scoffed. “Of course! It’ll be a lot more than five hundred miles, but that’s what I’ll be rocking all the way from St Cloud.”

Ted grinned, nodding slowly in appreciation. “Nice!”

Kids, there’s a reason you should never wait to bring your car with you when you move to a big city like New York. Marshall went back to St Cloud that weekend, with a one-way plane ticket, all ready to drive the 1267 miles back to New York. What he didn’t realise when he got there, though…

Ted’s phone rang insistently in his pocket.


“Ted! Ted! It’s me, Marshall.”

“Hey, Marshall! You back in New York yet? I can hear that tune playing. ‘And ah would walk five hundred miles, and ah would walk-‘”

“Ted! TED! Stop singing!”

“Whoa, what’s wrong?”

“I got back to New York an hour ago.”

“An hour? Did something happen?”

“Yes, something happened! There is nowhere to park. Anywhere. I’ve been all over the city, there is nowhere!”

“Hey, hey, calm down. Where are you?”

Half an hour later, Ted was climbing into the Fiero with a panicking Marshall.

“It”s okay, Marshall, we’re gonna find somewhere.”

“No we’re not! We are gonna spend the rest of our lives driving around New York trying to find somewhere to park.”

That isn’t what happened. What happened is that we got all the way up to Brooklyn and found a single empty space on the corner of a street with the gas gauge screaming at us to refill. Well, it may have been us who were screaming, but that’s neither here nor there.

And that corner, kids, was the first place we ever parked the Fiero in New York.


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