Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Legerity

Doesn’t seem like it, but this is part of my Merlin series. I wanted to write more of this, but my housemate was distracting me. Or I got writer’s block. Or something.

Legerity – physical or mental quickness, nimbleness, agility

Warning: reference to (slash) kissing

Disclaimer: Don’t own Merlin

He had been standing at the end of the corridor when it had happened. Unfortunately, he hadn’t had the legerity to actually have seen it coming.

At first, when he was still far out of hearing range, he had been all the ready to go over and interrupt them – this was a matter of importance, after all. Yet he was too caught up in his own head to take note of the signs: of how close they were standing, of the tentative and longing looks in their eyes, until it was too late.

Until suddenly they were leaning in, and he had a furious blush upon his cheeks


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