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Is there room for Kingdom Hearts in OUAT?

Once Upon a Time’s USP is that it takes classic fairytales, myths, legends, and Disney movies and adapts them, fitting them together into one coherent story. Most of them are Disney movies, or are affiliated with Disney.

There are lots of articles all over the Internet about which story should be included in OUAT at a later date. But one that I have seen on a Buzzfeed article – which, admittedly, was rather tongue-in-cheek – was Kingdom Hearts.

I would absolutely love to see Kingdom Hearts in Once Upon a Time, and I don’t think it would be that difficult to fit it in, especially in light of one of the main themes of series 5.

Looking from the outside in, it would certainly fit in with OUAT’s MO to have Kingdom Hearts in the show. After all, it basically does what KH itself does: adapt Disney stories and characters for its own purposes. Granted, the uses of Disney characters in KH would have to be scrapped, and there would possibly be issues with getting some of the Final Fantasy characters in (but, come on, imagine Cloud and Sephiroth, in their KH incarnations, in OUAT. Just imagine it). But overall, that KH is linked with Disney would make it easy to fit it in.

From the inside, series 5 has left loads of room for KH. Series 5’s main plot is centred on the Dark One and its creation. We’ve known for a while how the Dark One came to be in its simplest sense: the darkness of the world needed to be tethered to an individual.

The Dark One became the epitome of dark magic, the complete antithesis of light magic. We have a pretty good definition of what light magic is from the previous series – magic that is born out of and used for and because of love – but up until series 5, the exact nature of dark magic has been somewhat ambiguous. How does dark magic come about? How does someone ‘go dark’?

The answer is now clear: even the lightest of sorcerers can go dark, as soon as they use magic to kill. This was made apparent in Birth.

This juxtaposition between light and dark and the ability to ‘go dark’ based on your choices seems very Kingdom Hearts. All you would need is Sora and Riku in there with their Keyblades protecting people from going dark.

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4 thoughts on “Is there room for Kingdom Hearts in OUAT?

  1. I think they could only really get away with adding Sora, Riku and Kairi. And I suppose Naminé and Roxas if they took the story there. While I would like it to happen, in theory, I don’t think they’d do it unless they had no other stories that they’d like to explore


  2. I really would love to see some key blade wielding action live. As a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan this would be epic but I doubt the writers would do it.


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