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Is Rory the ‘good man’ in A Good Man Goes to War?

I spend quiet a lot of time reading about Doctor Who episodes on the Doctor Who Wiki/TARDIS Data Core website. In particular, the little trivia that gets put at the bottom of the articles, lending some more insight into the episode.

A few weeks ago, I was reading the page for A Good Man Goes to War, and saw this paragraph:

The title of this episode is much more ambiguous than one would think, partly because of the Doctor’s own admission that he is not necessarily a “good man” because he “has so many” rules, and also because of Amy’s opening narration, which misled the viewer into thinking she was talking about the Doctor rather than Rory. These two instances lend weight to the idea that the “good man” of the title may refer to Rory rather than the Doctor.

TARDIS WikiaA Good Man Goes to War, accessed 15/11/15

I would love for this to be true. Mainly because I adore Rory, and the only Doctor who I like more than Rory is Nine. At first, I thought it could just be wishful thinking and didn’t have enough substance behind it to actually be a worthwhile headcanon, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

One of the tropes of the Eleventh Doctor’s era (particularly from the beginning of series six) is ambiguous speeches which seem to be talking about the Doctor and which are actually talking about Rory. As the writer of this paragraph says, one such speech is the one Amy gives to baby Melody at the beginning of the episode. What’s more, the very title seems to suggest that it’s more about Rory than about the Doctor, for it is referring to a good man going to war. Out of the two of them, only Rory fights at the Battle of Demons Run; the Doctor is mostly working in the background to free Melody.

It’s not much, I know, but I think it does lend weight to this idea that the ‘good man’ being referred to in the episode title is Rory. For, as the writer of this paragraph says, the Doctor says himself that he isn’t a good man. So, as is one of the themes of the Eleventh Doctor’s era, if something seems to be referring to the Doctor and isn’t, it’s probably referring to Rory.

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