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Why Harry was right to break the Elder Wand

I’d like to begin this post by admitting that I have made a mistake. While doing the 30 Day Once Upon a Time Challenge, I said that Harry was wrong to break the Elder Wand at the end of the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

I was wrong. Harry was right to break the Elder Wand, no matter how much the fandom hated it.

One of the reasons that I can think of for people hating Harry for breaking the Elder Wand is that it didn’t happen in the book. In fact, Harry decides to lock the Wand away so that no one can get at it, and reasons that if he dies a natural death the Wand would belong to no one.

But this presents a plot hole in Harry Potter. Admittedly, this should probably be going in my next plot holes post (which I am in the process of compiling), but bear with me.

Throughout the series, Harry only directly kills one character: Voldemort. By the time that Harry kills Voldemort, the Elder Wand is already his. This is because of a fundamental part of the transition of the Elder Wand’s ownership: it doesn’t have to happen through murder.

Voldemort believes that the Elder Wand did not obey him because Snape was the one who killed Dumbledore, and therefore ownership of the Wand transferred to Snape. Yet that is not what happened. It didn’t matter that Snape was the one to actually kill Dumbledore, because Draco had already Disarmed him, thus overpowering Dumbledore and becoming the rightful owner of the Elder Wand. When Harry takes Draco’s wand in Malfoy Manor, the ownership of the Wand transfers to Harry.

No killing involved.

But if it isn’t necessary for someone to kill the current owner of the Wand in order to take ownership of it, then surely the nature of Harry’s death does not necessarily matter when it comes to the Elder Wand. Anyone could overpower him in any number of ways and take ownership, which – and admittedly, this is an assumption – would be a terrible thing.

The only way to ensure that the Elder Wand could never again wreak havoc was to break it.

Although he probably should have used it to repair his phoenix feather wand before he snapped it in half, like he did in the book. Come on, Potter. Ollivander’s in no shape to make you a new wand just yet.


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