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Word of the Day Challenge: Logy

This is definitely designed to fit in with my series, and relates to the subplot about my favourite character! I admit it’s a little strange to demote your favourite character to a subplot, but when he’s not in your OTP, it’s not always easy to focus directly on them.

Logy – lacking physical or mental energy

Warning: implied (minor) character death, reference to PTSD

Spoilers for: Merlin 3×11 and 3×12, The Coming of Arthur Parts 1&2

Disclaimer: Don’t own Merlin

There were empty chairs around the Round Table. The air in the council room was thick with grief. Eyes were downcast.

One of the knights was being debriefed about what had happened. As he explained about the ambush, Merlin’s eyes drifted to Leon. He was watching the knight as he talked, taking in everything that he said.

Merlin doubted anyone else saw Leon’s eyes glaze over.

Damn, Merlin thought. He wasn’t sure if this would be too much for Leon; there had been ambushes before, and similar debriefing sessions, but now he could tell that the knight was too logy to stop an episode.

Carefully, quietly, the servant made his way around the table, until he was standing just behind Leon.

He placed a hand on the knight’s shoulder; he immediately stiffened, making a strange movement with his hand that made Merlin flinch. Yet, it would seem, Leon still had enough of a grip on the present to not actually strike him.

Merlin leaned down to his ear. “Pretend I’m telling you something important. Something has come up, and you need to investigate.”

Leon flicked his eyes to the side; some of their clarity had returned, but his expression was still dark. He nodded briefly, and Merlin stood up straight.

“Sire, there has been an incident in the Lower Town. I must deal with it.”

Arthur turned to Leon, who was now standing. He regarded his knight for a moment, before dismissing him with a nod and a wave of his hand. Leon bowed, and was gone in a few seconds.

* * *

Merlin found him, as he knew he would, in the stables.

He was leaning his forehead against Serena’s, one hand brushing through her mane; there was a smile on his face.

He must have heard him approach, for his eyes slowly opened and he turned towards him, not taking his hand away from his beloved horse.

“I just wanted to see if you were alright,” Merlin mumbled, feeling a little awkward at having interrupted. “The meeting’s over.”

Leon offered him a small smile. “I am. Thank you.”


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