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CWS Exercise: Sci-Fi Tropes

So, we had a session on Sci-Fi, and had to write a story using as many tropes from a list of given sci-fi tropes as possible. I think I hit around 13 (give or take how loosely you think some of them are connected). I’ve put a list at the bottom of all of the tropes from the list that I used (or at least hinted at).

Bla’arth stood in front of the big, red button. Above him, a countdown from ten was blaring. The button was linked to the mothership of the K’opan, the much advanced alien race that was ravaging the Earth and stealing all of its resources so that humanity had to flee.

Luckily, they had Billy the Kid on their side, a K’opan turncoat who had been sent to Earth in the 19th Century as a scout but who had been plucked from his timeline and brought to the 26th Century to help them out. He was currently fighting the minions crawling over the spaceship, keeping them at bay so Bla’arth could destroy the mothership.

He slammed his fist down, and outside the window, he watched as the K’opan mothership exploded, the fire blazing red against the darkness of space.

The minions collapsed all around the spaceship, and Bla’arth smiled.

The war was over. Now all he had to do was go and see if Lucy and her petite, hot robot girlfriend were alright. After all, Lucy had been wearing a red shirt, and Glib’ots had only threatened to kill everyone on the ship as a bluff, which possibly saved them all.

  1. Human/Robot love story
  2. Computer turns on humans in order to protect them
  3. Advanced Robots indistinguishable from humans
  4. Historical/famous figure was actually an alien
  5. Red shirts/storm troopers
  6. Winning the war by destroying the mothership
  7. Explosions in space
  8. Self-destruct systems (all with ten second countdowns)
  9. Time travel
  10. Massively advanced alien race
  11. Attack of the apostrophes
  12. Post-apocalyptic dystopia
  13. Inhospitable earth

And the one that wasn’t on the list given:



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