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The Time Lady Clara Splinter: Part 2

Spoilers for: The Fires of Pompeii, The Name of the Doctor

Last week, I discussed the possibility that one of Clara’s splinters designed to save the Doctor’s timeline from destruction by the Great Intelligence was a Time Lady, capable of regeneration rather than immediate death after she has met the Doctor. Indeed, this Time Lady met the Doctor twelve times, once for each of her regenerations, before finally dying and making way for the next Clara splinter. I also argued that this Time Lady could turn up in the show again, and that we’d already seen her once before.

When it was first announced that Peter Capaldi was going to be the Twelfth Doctor, I was a little upset, for one particular reason: he’d already been in Doctor Who, and if he was going to play the Doctor, then there would need to be some kind of explanation as to why he had the same face. I have heard that this explanation will be given in series 9, so I wait in hope.

But it got me thinking about other people who had been in Doctor Who more than once, and the phenomenon of recurring actors. Indeed, Karen Gillan was in The Fires of Pompeii – the very same episode Peter Capaldi was in (though unless this is somehow related to the reason behind the Doctor having the same face, that really is just a coincidence) – before coming back as Amy Pond.

What does this have to do with Clara? Well, I have already argued that the Time Lady splinter we see telling the First Doctor which TARDIS to take is the first regeneration of the Time Lady Clara splinter, and – like the other Clara splinters – she resembles Clara.

But what about her regenerations? What would they look like? Seeing as this Time Lady is unlike any other Time Lady – she was created by and for the Doctor’s timeline – her regenerations can’t be as random as normal Time Lords’. Her regenerations would have to be inspired by the Doctor’s timeline. And so, when the time comes for Clara to save the Doctor at Pompeii, the Time Lady regenerates from her previous encounter with the Doctor into (possibly yet another) face from the Doctor’s timeline: this time, Amelia Pond.

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