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The Time Lady Clara Splinter: Part 1

Spoilers for: The Name of the Doctor

Not so long ago, I wrote a fanfiction based on a specific part of The Name of the Doctor: the scene where Clara is seen telling the First Doctor which TARDIS to take. As I was writing this fanfiction, it got me thinking; seeing as the Doctor steals the TARDIS from Gallifrey, this scene must have taken place on Gallifrey. Could it be that this splinter of Clara is a Time Lady? And what if she is still out there?

There are two main common characteristics of the Clara splinters: they all resemble Clara in some way (or, in Oswin’s case, they did), and they all die shortly after meeting the Doctor. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that this Clara splinter – the Time Lady Clara splinter – died shortly after meeting this Doctor.

But if that splinter was a Time Lady, then that doesn’t necessarily have to mean that she was killed for good after meeting the First Doctor; she could have merely regenerated, and had twelve other lives before finally dying. Now, it is probable that this Clara splinter has, in fact, had all of her regenerations, as it is kind of implied that a new Clara splinter cannot be created until the last has died, and so this splinter must have died for Clara to end up in the limbo of the Doctor’s personal timeline at the end of The Name of the Doctor.

But that doesn’t have to mean that we will never meet her again, and in fact – as I shall argue in part 2 – we already have. For if she is a Time Lady, then she likely has access to a TARDIS or at least some form of time travel. Thus, while her personal timeline has come to an end, her appearances in the universal timeline do not have to have all occurred. She could be in the show now, two series after Clara came out of the Doctor’s timeline.

But if she can appear in the show after The Name of the Doctor, could she have appeared before? This is what I will be exploring in Part 2.

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