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Is Camelot in the Enchanted Forest realm?

Spoilers for: OUAT 2×03, Lady of the Lake; OUAT 4×11, Heroes and Villains; OUAT 3×02, Lost Girl; OUAT 4×22, Operation Mongoose Part 1; OUAT 4×08, Smash the Mirror; OUAT graphic novel, Out of the Past

Okay, I know that this will probably get revealed or at least explained in more detail in series 5, but I just wanted to get all of the information we, as of the end of series 4, have about Camelot and its possible location.

Personally, I think that it is in the Enchanted Forest realm – but not within the Enchanted Forest itself. There are several pieces of evidence which support this.

First, in Lady of the Lake, we meet Lancelot (or, at least, we think we do), who has been banished from Camelot to the Enchanted Forest. It’s highly unlikely that he would have changed realms, and so it’s more than likely that he is still within the same realm as Camelot. Since he is in the Enchanted Forest, it makes sense that Camelot is within the same realm as the Enchanted Forest, but is not merely another kingdom within the Enchanted Forest like the kingdoms of King Henry or King Leopold, but a separate kingdom from the Enchanted Forest within the same realm, like Arendelle and Agrabah.

Second, in Heroes and Villains, Rumpel talks about having gone to Camelot. At this point in time, Rumpel was still working on the Dark Curse to get to the Land Without Magic; he does not have the ability to change realms yet, and so his journey to Camelot must have been within the same realm as the Enchanted Forest.

Third, in Lost Girl, Charming convinces Snow that she is a true leader by having her remove a (fake) Excalibur from a stone. That the sword is a fake is mostly irrelevant, because that Charming can convince Snow that it is the real Excalibur without having to talk about realm jumping suggests that Excalibur can get to the Enchanted Forest without changing realms.

This does not, however, mean that Excalibur wouldn’t have to jump realms to get from Camelot to the Enchanted Forest; Snow and Charming could just be unaware of Camelot’s true location. After all, it is only the characters from Camelot which we have met so far (assuming that the Apprentice is from Camelot) who can effortlessly jump between realms without the use of portals, hats, or magic beans. Indeed, the Apprentice (or perhaps it was Merlin working through the Apprentice) can create doorways between realms: bringing Isaac to the Enchanted Forest from the Land Without Magic, and sending Ingrid to the Land Without Magic from Arendelle.

That Camelot is in another realm than the Enchanted Forest is also supported by the fact that, in the graphic novel Out of the Past, Jefferson travels to Camelot via the use of his hat. So far, we have only seen Jefferson’s hat being used to travel between, and not within, realms. Yet even this is not conclusive, seeing as there are 17 doors in the hat, two of which go to the Land Without Magic. It is entirely possible that some doors can be used to travel within the same realm (e.g. from the Maritime Kingdom to Arendelle, both in the Enchanted Forest realm), and that travel to Camelot via the hat is merely faster than using a horse, rather than a necessity required by the need to realm jump from the Enchanted Forest.

With all of this conflicting information, I do hope that it all gets cleared up in series 5. At the moment, however, I’ll remain on the side that Camelot is in the Enchanted Forest realm. Then again, I’m nearly always wrong about these things…


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