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30 Day Once Upon a Time Challenge Day #21

Favourite Backstory

We don’t have a lot of backstory for some of the more minor characters (and as much as I don’t want this to be the case, Ruby is definitely a minor character, especially as she hasn’t been in it since series three, and even then it was only really in the background), but what we find out about Ruby in the Enchanted Forest – especially in series two – brings so much depth to her character. In Red-Handed, I wasn’t expecting Ruby to be the werewolf, especially after they set it up to make it look like it was Peter. But it’s the backstory we get in Child of the Moon that makes her my pick for this question.

Maybe it’s because of how the character of Remus Lupin has changed our attitudes towards werewolves – or, at least, has made us aware of how lycanthropy can be used as a metaphor for real-life social exclusion – but when Ruby not only finds a pack of wolves who can give her the acceptance that she has longed for for so long, but also her mother who she thought was dead, it shows just how lonely Ruby must have been ever since she found out the truth about herself. She’s with the pack for less than a week, and yet by the end of it, she still embraces the wolf side of herself for its intrinsic value, rather than – like in the later flashbacks of series one – as a means to an end and to help Snow in her quest to get her kingdom back.

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