Now My Wings Fit

30 Day Once Upon a Time Challenge Day #15

Which side are you on – good or evil?
It’s more complicated than that

More than anything, I think OUAT is great at showing that no one is black and white in their morals and intentions. I was rewatching Unforgiven, and my friend who hadn’t seen the show before was in the room. When Snow confesses to stealing Maleficent’s baby in order to place the potential darkness within Emma into Maleficent’s unborn child, his immediate reaction was to say, “Wow, so no one’s really good in this?”

Stories of villain redemption and heroes doing terrible things make it difficult to see where the lines of good and evil truly lie. I’d say that I would like Emma to be victorious in the end, and for everything to work out alright – but what does that even mean? In series two, that meant that Hook had to be stopped, which in itself was at odds with the necessity in series one for Rumpel to be stopped, and by series four, it’s become the case that neither of them have to be stopped. On the contrary, getting rid of either one of them might mean that Emma fails in whatever it is that she needs to end up doing. It’s all very confusing, but that’s part of what makes it so interesting.


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