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The many realms and kingdoms of OUAT

Spoilers for: OUAT 4×18, Sympathy for the De Vil; OUAT 1×11, Fruit of the Poisonous Tree; OUAT 4×01, A Tale of Two Sisters; OUAT 4×06, Family Business; OUAT 2×05, The Doctor; OUAT 2×12, In the Name of the Brother

So, I’ve mentioned before how I’m really confused about how the kingdoms and realms work in OUAT. So I decided to work it out for myself, which kingdoms are in the Enchanted Forest realm, and which kingdoms are separate realms in and of themselves.

I’ll admit, this post is mainly so I can keep track of where they all are myself, but I think it’s still pretty interesting.

Things in bold are their own separate realms, while things in normal style are kingdoms within the bold realm title.

1920s England
We know this is a different realm because of how time works differently there. There is nowhere else in OUAT where time can effectively stand still (Cruella doesn’t know what year it is when Isaac asks her, and is kind of dismissive about it, claiming it doesn’t matter) yet people can still age.

Enchanted Forest realm

We’ve only had a few mentions of Agrabah in OUAT, and we have certainly never seen the place itself. But the Genie’s lamp washes up on the shore in an Enchanted Forest kingdom – one which we will see later in this list – and there is no mention of realm jumping involved.

Anna goes to the Enchanted Forest – or Misthaven – on a boat. Similarly, Belle can travel to Arendelle from the Enchanted Forest without the need to change realms.

I have another post in the works about whether or not Camelot is in the Enchanted Forest realm or not. Personally, I think it is, though until series 5 airs, we don’t have full confirmation.

King George’s kingdom
King George’s kingdom is the kingdom in which David and Ruth live. It is also the kingdom where James is from, and the kingdom which Charming and Snow end up ruling just before the First Curse hits.

King Henry’s kingdom
This is the birthplace of Cora, and the kingdom into which Regina is born.

King Leopold’s kingdom
Snow’s home kingdom, and where Regina is ruling when she casts the First Curse.

King Midas’ kingdom
Princess Abigail’s home kingdom.

Maritime kingdom
Prince Eric’s home kingdom, and possibly Hook’s.

Land Without Colour
This is Frankenstein’s realm. We know that it is a separate realm, because Rumpel must use Jefferson’s hat to get to it. Furthermore, the Author does not put any stories about Frankenstein in the Once Upon a Time book which details the lives and tales of those living in the Enchanted Forest. Plus, there is no colour in the realm, which is unlike anywhere else in the show.

Land Without Magic
This is our realm, the most difficult of the realms to get to because of its lack of magic.

Neverland requires a portal to get to, and so exists in a different realm. Also, it is the only realm in which time passes but no one ages.

Travel to Oz either requires a portal of some kind or a cyclone.

As it happens, Wonderland seemingly requires some kind of portal to reach – whether it is Jefferson’s hat or a looking glass.

There are other realms which no doubt exist within the OUAT universe; we do not, for instance, know about all of the realms to which travel is possible via Jefferson’s hat. There may also be other kingdoms which exist within the known realms of which we are currently unaware. When new things get revealed, I’ll most likely be updating this post.

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