Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Tacenda

Tacenda – things which are better left unsaid

Warning: Spoilers for His Last Vow

Disclaimer: Don’t own Sherlock

“He had no idea, you know.”

Mycroft turned to John, his brow raised in silent instruction to continue.

“That he was your… pressure point.” The doctor spit the last two words out.

Mycroft turned away again, looking out over the city from their rooftop meeting place.

“It’s not something which I am wont to broadcast. After all, you see what happens when word gets out.”

John shifted uncomfortably, the gunshot which ripped away Magnussen’s life echoing in his ears as loudly and as clearly as it had when it had been fired.

“But you never even told him.”

Mycroft fiddled with the handle of his umbrella a little before speaking.

“There are many tacenda between my brother and I.”

“Yeah,” John agreed, turning away from the London skyline and standing with his back to it. “But that shouldn’t have been one of them.”


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