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30 Day Once Upon a Time Challenge Day #4

Least Favourite Female Character
Blue Fairy/Mother Superior

I once saw someone say on Tumblr that every Harry Potter fan gets to the stage where they realise that Dumbledore was actually an incredibly immoral character, who manipulated those around him in order to get what he wanted – to achieve the ‘greater good’. I even wrote a fanfiction loosely exploring this idea with regards to the death of the Potters and my own personal Wolfstar headcanon – but I’m not talking about Harry Potter in this challenge.

My feelings towards the Blue Fairy are exactly the same as they are towards Dumbledore. The only difference is, because Harry Potter is over, we know what his endgame was. We understand his motivations throughout the entire series, whereas with Blue, her ultimate intentions are still unknown. There are several theories I’ve seen on the Internet about how Blue could actually be a villain in the grand scheme of things – or at least a more malevolent power than is immediately obvious. That also seems to be the way that they’re going with the OUAT Virtual Series.

There just seems to be something… iffy… about the Blue Fairy, and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is yet.

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